About the project

the project idea

The general need for this project originates in the necessity to maintain a healthy and clean environment for:

  • The sustainable development of the nautical tourism sector;
  • An increased environmental awareness of the companies and their customers;
  • Comply with local, national and international legislation related to the environment.

target groups

INDUSTRY & employees

this includes companies and the employees of boat service, marinas, charter rental, sea schools and clubs

Water sports clubs and users

Water sports clubs and users.

Policymakers and chambers

chambers of Commerce, National authorities, Ministries and maritime administrations, policy-makers.


NGOs, Foundations, other non-governmental stakeholders, and Academia


Sometimes there is a lack of control of the environmental impacts related to the boating industry, associated with a lack of knowledge about legislation, pollution control and waste management in the recreational boating community.

The lack of specific training in environmental issues for the nautical tourism and recreational boating sector.

The needs and skills gaps vary between the different subsector of Nautical Tourism: there are different environmental impacts and knowledge needs for different subsectors.

the objective

The project was aimed at creating a first-ever curriculum for the position of “Environmental Officer in Nautical Tourism” and deliver it in form of a modular online course as a continuous VET training that does not currently exist in the sector

specific objectives

To involve the nautical sector at regional, national and EU level

To facilitate the transition of the whole sector towards more sustainability and environmental protection

To increase the environmental awareness of the whole sector and to a broader public

To create a curriculum that can be used in the whole sector and will be transferable to other countries in the Union and beyond