The EnviroNaut Course


it is mandatory to start with the Ocean Litercy course. Then you can choose which course or course you would like to take.

ready to improve your sustainability skills? choose your most fitting option!

If you have decided to do the entire course, obtain your certificate as an environmental officer of the nautical sector by taking the following test.

Good luck!



Ocean literacy




Sea school


Maintenance companies



Congratulations, you have completed the EnviroNaut course modules! You have been able to learn about the impact of our professional activities on the environment, as well as sustainable practices to reduce pollution in the Nautical Tourism sector. To finish this process and to become an Environmental Officer in Nautical Tourism, you have to take this final exam, where your competences in the 4 sub-sectors (Marinas, Sea Schools, Skippers and Maintenance Companies) as well as the general module on oceanic literacy will be tested.

In order to pass and get your certificate you must get at least 80% of the questions correct.

From the EnviroNaut project consortium, we would like to thank you for participating in this course and helping us to create a more sustainable Nautical Tourisms sector!